Pioneering aviation training through virtual course delivery.

Designed by aviation professionals, our CAA approved courses provide flexible
study options to earn your Commercial Pilot Certification (CPC-SUA).

 You choose how, where and when you train for your PfCO.

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Impartial, Objective & Student Focussed

AV8 are purely an aviation training provider. Our sole focus is our students' success; never as their competitors.

The Unique AV8 Course Model

Step 1. Virtual Learning Environment

Your journey starts here. No residential requirement. AV8's advanced e-learning platform lets you study where, when and how you choose (course duration approx. 15 to 20 hrs).

Fully supported via virtual workshops and on-demand tuition.

Connect through your browser or our mobile apps.

Step 2. Professional Ops Training

During your initial period of study, we provide you with an hour of practical operations and flight training, in-person with an experienced instructor.

Understanding the target standards and capabilities early on will ensure you're set up for success throughout your course.

Schedule your training at a time to suit you with one of our local instructors.

Step 3. Anytime Tuition Support

Every student needs a little help and guidance with the course material.

AV8 are the only aviation training provider to offer unlimited, on-demand, 1-to-1 tuition sessions with an instructor via phone or video.

We also provide regular virtual workshops where you can join other students and instructors to discuss elements of the course.

Step 4. Virtual Exams: On Demand

Once you've completed the core modules, you can schedule an exam at a date and time that suits you.

Our independent, on-demand service supports remote exams that you take from your own home, 24/7/365.

Our practice question banks provide ample opportunity to revise and, in the unlikely event that you don't pass first time, resits are free.

Step 5. Virtual Groundschool

You're now ready to join ground school (virtually, of course!). This is an interactive, live event led by an experienced instructor over the course of one day. 

The aim is to provide you with real-world operations training, along with an introduction to the Operations Manual and Night Operations.

The day finishes with an open-book practical flight planning exercise.

Step 6. Operations Manual

AV8's document automation system removes much of the manual workload, allowing you to concentrate on creating a high quality manual.

Rather than working with a cumbersome word template, our system uses a graphical user interface to guide you through each step of the process; you make decisions about your document's content and structure and the tech builds it for you.

Step 7. Flight Assessment

On demand and conducted by our nationwide network of partners; here you plan, prepare and conduct a real-world task to demonstrate your capabilities.

Earlier in your course you learned first-hand about drone ops from your instructor; throughout your course you'll have access to materials and support so you know exactly how to perform at your best during the assessment. Time to shine!

Step 8. CAA Application for PfCO

You did it! Your course is now complete and you're ready to apply for your CAA Permission for Commercial Operations. The process can be a little tricky to navigate the first time around, so we're on hand to help you prepare and submit your application.

(Note that the CAA require an application fee payment directly from each operator and this isn't included in your course.)

Discover more about virtual learning

Explore The Virtual Learning Environment

The Virtual Course Model Explained

Traditional courses taught "in person" can provide a rich and rewarding learning environment with high quality results for students.
The drawback is that you have to physically travel to the course location, which may not be convenient or cost-effective.

To make their services cheaper and more accessible, some training providers have tried to put their course content online.
However, because they 
don't fully understand the methodologies and infrastructure required to support geographically dispersed
this alters and removes many critical aspects of the student experience which degrades the quality of the course outcomes.

AV8's virtual courses are built from the ground up to be delivered via technology for a range of different learning styles.
We've used decades of aviation, instructional and virtualisation expertise to create a student experience you'll love.
Systems and processes are simplified and innovative teaching channels are provided that deliver high quality student outcomes.

Our course results are more flexible and effective that those of a traditional classroom.

Designed by Aviation & Instructional Experts

The AV8 team are aviation training experts from both manned and unmanned disciplines. Our unique Virtual Learning Environment was designed by Amazon's foremost global authority in virtual technologies and engagement. The result is a highly flexible and effective approach to aviation training for any learning style.

Jon Anderson, BA (Hons), FCMI

Chief Executive Officer

  • Flying for fun since 1993
  • Flying SUA Since 2014
  • Integration Specialist
  • Fellow of the CMI
  • Virtualisation Expert


Calum Law, BEng, Cert Ed, CFS, RAF

Chief Flying Instructor

  • 20 Years Flying Experience
  • RAF Fast Jet Pilot
  • Tornado GR4 Instructor
  • 2,900 Flying Hours
  • Aviation Instructional Expert


Laura Anderson, MBA, BSc (Hons), LLB

Chief Financial Officer

  • Flying for fun since 1998
  • 18 Years in FS
  • Non-Exec Director, Ofcom
  • Former RAF Reserve Officer
  • Change & Transformation Expert


Lilie Weaver, BA (Hons), MSci, RAF

Chief Technical Officer

  • 10 Years Flying Experience
  • Operational Reaper Pilot
  • Air Warfare Trials Officer
  • 900 Flying Hours
  • Aviation Technology Expert